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ramz711 / Nov 24, 2014
Current Camp: Ost Guruth, The Lone-Lands

A darkness grows that has plagued the Riddermark for months. With each passing day, the Enemy grows stronger. Villages are burned, families flee, and wild Dunlendings assist the Orc-kind that sweep through our glorious kingdom. But the sons of Eorl are nothing if not hardy and steadfast. If the end of the Mark is nigh, then we shall make such an end as shall be worthy of song!

Throughout Eriador, so far from the green fields and deep dales of the Mark, displaced Eorlingas are throwing off doubt and fear, mustering their courage for the task ahead. Already, the sons of Eorl are preparing for the ride south with all who have the courage to come with them. Arise, Riders of the Mark, and reclaim that which has been taken from us! The Éored of the West-mark shall prevail once more!

OOC Info:
((The Éored of the West-mark is a medium-heavy Rohan RP kinship on the Landroval server. Our primary goal is to establish deep and lasting character development within a militaristic, yet personal setting, which in turn moves the kinship forward and allows it to grow and prosper. We supplement this emphasis with weekly and monthly events designed to reflect Rohan culture and lore, and promote it in an accurate and fun way for the entire server to enjoy.

Our story is centred on being a mustering of Eorlingas who have found themselves in the North, for one reason or another. Having banded together, we are preparing ourselves to return to the Mark in this dark hour, riding south with any of the Northrons who wish to join us. We are an éored, a military company, and as such, we have officers and orders which are to be followed. We welcome any who wish to join us in our struggle against Dunland and Mordor.

Because Rohan is a high-level region (and many players are not yet capable of reaching it), fellowship opportunities and questing assistance is readily available. We intend on moving more operations and roleplay to Rohan as more players reach its level requirement.))
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