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Chat Rules

Kinchat is, and always will be, OOC. We're focused on in-person roleplay, not just chatting back and forth while people are on opposite corners of the map. Also, we're all adults in this kin, and as such, kinchat can safely be assumed to have a 'PG-13/R' rating. I will not discourage mature conversation, including swearing and adult topics, but I will not hesitate to drop the hammer on abusive and derogatory speech, including racial slurs. First offense is a warning, second is a demotion, third is the boot. However, valid in-character uses of lore-based derogatory and racial terms, such as for Orcs, Dunlendings, Easterlings, and Southrons, are permitted due to their use in the setting.

I would highly discourage excessive OOC chatter in /say or /emote. A little here and there is fine, but OOC discussion should be kept to /fellowship, /kinship, /tell, or custom channels.

Proper grammar is strongly encouraged. If you have trouble with your grammar or English is not your first language, feel free to contact an officer for assistance.

Meeting and Event Rules

Unless otherwise noted, all kin events are to in-character at all times. Out-of-character distraction is not permitted. Should they be encountered during an event, griefers are to be handled maturely and professionally. A warning, followed by a report and ignore is the proper procedure. Griefing by other kins will be handled by the officers.

Attendance is encouraged, and once regular events start, each member is required to attend two events per month. Special cases are certainly considered on a case-by-case basis, and will be excluded from the requirement.

Official in-character kin status meetings will be conducted by the officers. Any and all kin member comments should be withheld until the officers have finished their agenda. There will be time for comments and questions. Out-of-character kin meetings will be held within kinchat, once a month. During this time, off-topic discussion is prohibited.
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