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Name: Mabrinir

Age: 17

Race: Man

Hometown: Edoras

Background: Mabrinir was born into a noble family. His father Sir Lionel was a knight under the King Théoden. before he hit a an year old his mother die. He grown up under his father close watch. He have a nice childhood, tell his 6th birthday.

When Mabrinir turn 6 years of age his father stated his training. Under Sir Lionel was hush on Mabrinir training him form dawn to dusk Mabrinir hated it, but he got use to it. His father train him in hand to hand combat, fighting on house back, and fighting on the ground. Also his father train him how to use many weapons. Mabrinir grow into a teenage.

Year before he turn 17 years of age. His father taken the teenager Mabrinir out riding with the King Théoden and the rest of the knights, that is a day that will hunt Mabrinir for the rest of his life. One that day when they were out riding worgriders ambush them a worgrider take aim for Mabrinir himself, his father saw the worgrider heading for his only and first born son, Sir Lionel order his son to move to the fount of were he was standing. He did what he was told to just turn a round and see the worgrider lap right onto his father. Seeing the worg it self knock off his father form his horse out of rage which Mabrinir can not recall most of the fact he draw his sword and killed the worg and it rider when the orc try to lap and kill Mabrinir. When the battle end Mabrinir dismount and run to his father holding his dying father in his arms. Sir Lionel said with his dyeing breath that he love him and was very happy that his only son was ably to killed an worgrider, his father smile then die.

Two mouth after the battle, and after his birthday. Mabrinir was in Edoras was knighted and taken his father place as a knight. He was in his room when Grima Wormtonuge came in with two of the gauds saying that he was exile form Rohan lands by the order of the king, it anger and sadden Mabrinir knowing he was exile that he cold not vister his father and mother graves and anger at Grima for lying to the king about Mabrinir. He left Edoras on his horse knowing he will never see it anger, he headed north to the unknown for him.
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