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The Æthelwigend ('noble warrior') is the assigned leader of a full éored of the Riddermark. He has command over 120 Riders and is responsible for their well-being and safety. While many Æthelwigend are nobility such as Reeves, Alders, and their sons, it is not unknown for Riders of common birth who show exceptional skill to be raised to this rank.
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A Mægisterwigend ('masterful warrior') is a lieutenant in the éored. There are up to six in an éored. Each of them command an æschere or company of 20 Riders, and take their orders directly from the Æthelwigend. These men are commonly gruff, no-nonsense types who know how to get the job done. The rank often provides opportunities for men of all social standings to prove themselves in a leadership position. No lord of the Mark would consider giving command of an éored to one who has not proven himself in command of an æschere.
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Gárwigend (Spear Warriors) are the Riders that make up the army of the Riddermark. There are approximately twelve thousand Riders in the Full Muster of the Mark, 4000 under each Marshal's command, with up to 120 per éored, and up to 20 per æschere.


Some Gárwigend may earn specialist titles and be invited into the corresponding æschere when a position requires filling. Specialist roles among the éoreds of the West-mark under First Marshal Théodred include:

Wisewigend (Wise Warrior) - Healers, loremasters, and other wise warriors form the support staff of the éored.

Scop (Bard) - The storytellers, musicians, and chroniclers of the éored, responsible for recording the great deeds of the éored in song and stories to immortalize the warriors and keep the company's history intact.

Ræthfindend (Pathfinder or Scout) - The scouts provide advance reconnaissance, exploring beyond the area occupied by friendly forces to gain vital information about travel routes, terrain, indigenous wildlife and enemy forces for later analysis and/or dissemination.

ÆSHERES (Companies in the Éored)

Éowigend (Horse Warriors, Cavalry) - The main body of Riders, which form the majority of the companies in an éored. Each consists of up to 20 Gárwigend led by a Mægisterwigend.

Mearcwardas (Scouts) - A single æshere of specialized, dedicated Ræthfindend favored for its speed and mobility to gain valuable information about the terrain and enemy before sending the main body of Riders into the area.

Beadafedan (Battle Support) - The Beadafedan æshere provides much-needed support with its Wisewigend, Scopas, and craftsmen, and is often used for their wisdom as advisers to the Æthelwigend.
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